The Town is the main gathering area in Vintage Penguin, where many penguins chat. The Town is usually the first area that penguins enter after logging on, unless there are one hundred penguins already in the Town, in which case they will enter a different area.

The Town has no games, but it is an easy way to access rooms including the Coffee ShopDance ClubGift ShopDock, and the Snow Forts. It is almost always decorated for parties and events.



  • During the Beta Test Party, it had a banner hanging from the Coffee Shop that read "BETA TEST PARTY", and there were two boxes of party hats.
  • During the Hallowishmas Party, it was then transformed to resemble a Halloween Party.
  • During the April Fools' Party, the Coffee Shop was turned into a crudely drawn Crayon version, the Dance Club became slightly pixelated, and the Gift Shop got a yellow and light brown sketch look - the decorations from the Beta Test Party were also present for the first 2 days.
  • During Camp Penguin, there were paths around the area as well as bushes and twigs.