The Vintage Colour Election was a vote in Vintage Penguin that had the community decide the next wearable color. The vote took place from June 4–6, 2017. The voting booth was placed at the Forest. If you had voted you were able to obtain the Voting pin. In the end, Lavender won the election and the Lavender Party took place.


  • It took place concurrently with 101 Days of Fun.
  • For each new color there was a special room.
  • Chewy oversaw the development of the event.

List of Nominees

Color Vote penguins

The colors. From left to right: Light Red, Lavender, Arctic White and Lime Green.


Color Votes Percentage
Lavender 205 48.3%
Arctic White 89 21%
Lime Green 66 15.6%
Light Red 64 15.1%


Sneak Peeks