Rockhopper (commonly abbreviated as RH, or referred to by his title, Captain Rockhopper) is a friendly pirate who docks at irregular intervals at Vintage Penguin Island, usually with gifts, or knowledge. He is one of the mascots of Vintage Penguin.

His ship is only docked at the Beach on special Vintage Penguin parties or events. He keeps a journal of his adventures, and sells rare items brought over from Rockhopper Island and other places. When he comes to Vintage Penguin Island, he gives away a free item and sells other items to member penguins in the Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog, which include items such as pirate hats like the Puffle Bandanna, telescopes, backgrounds, furniture, and other cosmetics.


Rockhopper is shown to be a seafaring, adventurous pirate who is extremely brave and courageous, doing things such as fighting off a gigantic squid with only the help of Yarr and his Snow Cannon 3000.

He is also shown to like the finer things in life, as he has often stated that he would rather sit down and enjoy a cream soda rather than journey around the land. However, on the other hand, Rockhopper has shown his love for the sea many times; such as when he crashed his ship prior to the events of Rockhopper's Quest and he was so sad that he rebuilt his Migrator to power to the island on a long journey before he built a beacon there so he could travel safely.


  • Rockhopper's favorite Vintage Penguin game is Mancala, and his favorite food is Stinky Cheese and pineapples.
  • Rockhopper is the mascot who has visited the most times, hence the stamp you get for meeting him being a medium stamp.
  • Rockhopper once had his own igloo, but it melted a long time ago. Now the Migrator is his home.
  • Rockhopper and Sensei are the only penguins to have real eyebrows.
  • He's named after the Rockhopper penguin, known for their bushy eyebrows (a characteristic shared by the Captain himself).
  • He used to come to Vintage Penguin whenever he saw fireworks (from the Flare Flinger 3000).
  • Rockhopper does not trust any boat that does not have sails; not since he took a ride on Gary's rocket boat.
  • Rockhopper is at least 22 years old.
  • Rockhopper and Gary never met before the end of the Save the Migrator Project, according to the Club Penguin Times.
  • He has Phoenicopteriphobia, a fear of pink flamingos.
  • He confirmed that when he was arriving at the Vintage Penguin Island, he fought a Giant Squid.


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