Parties are themed events on the Vintage Penguin. The parties last for a limited time. This page compiles a list of all Parties and Events in 2017.

For a List of Parties in 2018 click here.

Parties and Events in 2017

Before the reboot

Party Logo Start date End date Free items Mascots
Beta Test Party Beta Test Party Logo February 18 February 20 Party Hat, Blue Sunglasses, Red Sunglasses, Black Bowtie, Pink Toque, Black Toque Aunt Arctic, Gary, Rockhopper, Sensei
Winter Luau WinterLuau infoboxhead February 24 March 1 Hawaiian Lei Penguin Band, Gary
Sport Shop Construction SSC sportshop February 24 March 24 None Gary
Hallowishmas Party Hallowishmas March 1 March 24 Bell, Pumpkin Basket Sensei, Gary, Rockhopper
April Fools' Party April Fools' logo Closed Beta Swirly Glasses, Red Propeller Cap None

After the reboot

Party Logo Start date End date Free items Mascots
Beta Test Party Beta Test Party Logo April 21 April 23 Party Hat, Blue Sunglasses, Red Sunglasses, Black Bowtie, Pink Toque, Black Toque, Iceberg Tipper Aunt Arctic, Gary, Rockhopper
Sports Party Sports Party 2017 Logo April 30 May 6 Red Face Paint, Blue Face Paint, Ice Skates Aunt Arctic, Gary, Rookie
The Bonfire None May 7, 1:30 PM May 7, 3:30 PM Bonfire Background, Life Ring Aunt Arctic, Gary, Rookie
National Lost Sock Day None May 8, 8:45 PM May 9, 8:00 PM None Rookie
Gold Helmet Hunt None May 9, 5:18 PM May 10, 5:18 PM Gold Viking Helmet None
Band Scavenger Hunt None May 17 May 18 Band Background None
The Storm None May 20 May 21 Umbrella Hat Gary
Summer Party Summer Party 2017 Logo May 21 May 28 Blue Lei, Whistle, Inflatable Duck, Orange Water Wings None
Biggie Cheese Concert None May 28, 12:00 AM May 28, 1:00 PM Sailor's Cap Gary
101 Days of Fun 101 days of fun logo May 26 End 101 Days of Fun Background, Beach Umbrella None
The Vintage Colour Election Color Vote icon June 4 June 6 Voting pin Aunt Arctic, Rookie
Lavender Party None June 6 June 7 Lavender, Lavender Cape None
Winter Luau WinterLuau infoboxhead June 10 June 11 Hawaiian Lei Alex, Rookie
Submarine Party None June 11 June 17 Seashell Belt, Yellow Snorkel, Miners Helmet, Life Vest None
Old Blue Event None June 14, 10:00 PM June 14, 12:00 PM Old Blue None
Fishing Day None June 18, 2:00 PM June 18, 4:00 PM Fishing Rod, Green Rubber Boots None
Coffee Day None June 29, 11:30 PM June 29, 1:30 AM Coffee Day Background None
Rockhopper's Arrival Party None June 30 July 7 Black and Red Sailor Shirt, Sailor Hat Rockhopper, Gary
Western Party None July 8 July 11 Bandana None
Summer Luau None July 22, 2:00 PM CST July 22, 3:00 PM CST Summer Lei, Green Sunglasses None
Water Party Water Party 07 Logo August 13 August 19 Blue Water Wings, Blue Inflatable Duck Rookie
Lighthouse Party None September 1, 5:00 PM CST September 2, 4:00 PM CST Lighthouse Background None
10k Penguins Party None September 2, 4:00 PM CST September 3, 4:00 PM CST Vintage Penguin Letterman Jacket, Alex 10K Giveaway Alex, Aunt Arctic
Fall Fair 2017 Fallfair07logo (1) September 16 September 23 Toppity Top Hat, Cotton Candy, Puffle Paddle, W(ear)able Top Hat, Alex's Top Hat Pin, Ring Master Hat, Cane, Curly Mustache, Clown Hair, Clown Outfit, Black Page, Giant Green Sunglasses, Giant Yellow Sunglasses Alex
Autumn Mini-Event None October 8 October 9 Autumn Wreath Aunt Arctic
Halloween Party 2017 HalloweenParty logo October 27 November 6 Halloween Scarf, Pumpkin Basket, Slime Flashlight, Graveyard Background, Slime Cape, Alex's Halloween Giveaway, Rockhopper's Halloween Giveaway Rockhopper, Alex
Club Penguin's 12th Anniversary Party None October 24 October 25 12th Anniversary Hat None
Camp Penguin
Camp penguin
November 24 November 30 Camp ScarfMarshmallow BackgroundMarshmallow Stick Unknown
Christmas Party 2017
Holiday Party Logo
December 23 January 3, 2018 Bell, Santa Beard, Reindeer Alters, Christmas Scarf Aunt Arctic

Parties and Events in 2018

Party Logo Start date End date Free items
Winter Fiesta 2018
Winter Fiesta 2007 logo
January 21 January 28 Pair of Maracas, Festive Maracas, Mini Sombrero, Pinata Background
Bubble Gum Day
BubblegumDay banner-0
February 3 February 4 Bubble Gum
Pizza Day
February 9 February 10 Golden Chef Hat, Pizza Day Background
Mardi Gras 2018
Screenshot 999999999
February 12 February 14 Mardi Gras Necklace, Mardi Gras Mask
1 Year Anniversary Party
1 Year Anniversary
February 18 February 19 1st Year Party Hat
Festival of Snow
Festival of Snow 2007 logo-0
February 19 February 25th TBA