Below is a list of parties and events in 2018.

Party Logo Start date End date Free items Mascots
Winter Fiesta 2018 Winter Fiesta 2007 logo January 21 January 28 Pair of Maracas, Mini Sombrero, Festive Maracas, Piñata Background None
Bubble Gum Day BubblegumDay banner February 3 February 4 Bubble Gum Aunt Arctic
Pizza Day PizzaDaySign February 9 February 10 Golden Chef Hat, Pizza Day Background None
Mardi Gras 2018 Mardi Gras 2018 logo February 12 February 14 Mardi Gras Mask, Mardi Gras Necklace None
Valentine's Day 2018 None
Unknown None
1 Year Anniversary Party None February 18 February 19 1st Year Party Hat Alex
The Festival of Snow Festival of Snow 2007 logo February 25 March 4 Snowflake T-Shirt, Ice Crown Gary
Pi Day 2018 Pi Day 2018 Logo March 14 March 15 Pie, Pie Apron, Pie Background None
St. Patrick's Day 2018 StPatricks18 logo March 17 March 18 Shamrock Hat, Gigantic St. Patrick's Hat Aunt Arctic
Puffle Party 2018 PufflePartyLogo
Unknown Alex
April Fools' Party 2018 April Fools' logo April 1 April 23 Red Sunglasses, Blue Propeller Cap, Funny-Face Glasses, Swirly Glasses, Red Propeller Cap Rookie
Waddle On Party Waddle On Party Logo July July Unknown Unknown